Community Gaming Grants Workshop on the new 2018 Guide for Community Gaming Grants was held on May 26/18 at the Calvin Kruk Arts Centre in Dawson Creek, BC.

Facilitators: Linda Ash, NLCCGA Coordinator and Rick Le Gear, NLCCGA President

Community Gaming Grants Workshop Feedback Survey

Results from 17 out of 20 forms received

  1. Parts of the workshop that were beneficial were the following: 13 stated that the information, in general, was beneficial, helpful and informative. Other comments mentioned that they liked the clarification on the new changes to the guide and that answers to the questions were tapered to the groups present. Furthermore, some people stated that they liked the information on writing an effective program description and the information on the major capital project grants.
  2. Regarding parts of the workshop that could be omitted, all 17 survey forms said that everything in the power point presentation and the points that were discussed were important.
  3. Concerning parts of the workshop that could have more emphasis, 14 people said all areas were covered well. Other comments were the following: one person wanted more emphasis on major capital project grants; another one wanted more information on parent advisory councils (PACs) and a third wanted more details on the online application process. (All the topics that were mentioned above are a workshop in themselves).
  4. For suggestions on improvements, 16 said that no improvements were needed. One mentioned that there should have been an opportunity to have the delegates introduce themselves and their organization at the beginning of the workshop.
  5. Method of delivery of the power point presentation and discussion: 13 said it was excellent while 4 said it was good.
  6. Overall satisfaction of the workshop: 13 thought it was excellent and 4 said it was good.